Undeniable by Madeline Sheehan

Undeniable by Madeline Sheehan

This was my first, and last, foray into the world of motorcycle club romances. While I’m not necessarily looking for writing that’s super literary in my romance novels, I want writing that is rich and complex. This was not. Simple sentences and simple thoughts that left much to be desired. The plot was dreadful, absolutely terrible. We follow the stories of Eva Fox, daughter of the Silver Demon’s president and Deuce West, the president of the Hell’s Horsemen. They meet when Eva is five (and Deuce is 23) and she decides from then on that Deuce West is the man for her and her reason for being on this earth.  For the next 25 years they carry on a covert affair, accidentally running into each other on several occasions and always ending up in bed.  When Eva is nearly 30, she and Deuce finally end up together and ride off into the sunset.

My thoughts:  I hated this book.  Actually, hate isn’t even a strong enough word for how much I didn’t like this book.  Everything about it felt wrong.  And the ONLY reason that I read it was for my book club.  Had I been reading it just because, I would never have finished it, or bothered with it in the first place. (Contemporary romance isn’t really my thing, I much prefer historicals).  There are so many problems with this book.  Like when they finally end up together, it should have been satisfying. Except it wasn’t. Because there’s no emotional connection between them. None at all. They’re not better people because of one another. They don’t love each other because of their minds or their values or morals. They are “in love” because they are hot!  And their relationship was seriously tedious.  They meet up, have sex, then have an epic fight and one of them storms off and that’s it for a few years then they meet up again and the whole cycle starts over.  And over.  And over.  For TWENTY-FIVE YEARS.  I said affair earlier because he’s married and has children with someone else for almost the entire novel. It’s not until almost the end that he leaves his wife for Eva. And in the 25 year period, Eva gets married too. And it’s not like Deuce deceives her about his relationship status. Eva totally knows he’s married and totally knows that he has children with his wife but that doesn’t stop her from pursuing him. Pretty much everyone in this book is married with multiple affairs going on. And none of those relationships are resolved until the end then suddenly everyone leaves his wife for his mistress. We wont even go into the whole “I’m five years old and I have found the love of my life” issue because there are no words.  I mean, when Eva and Deuce meet and she thinks he’s the hottest thing she’s ever seen and he’s now her reason to live?  I’m sorry, what now?!  You are FIVE YEARS OLD.  You don’t even know the meaning of those sentiments.

This book was really dark and terribly hard to read in some places. I even skimmed, which I rarely do, because it was brutal to the point of being unnecessary. I’ve read some books with domestic violence in them (White Trash Beautiful by Teresa Mumert comes to mind) and while I hated those parts I felt they were an essential part of the story line. Here, not so much. And not only that, they were terribly written.  It was like being hit with a hammer over and over again.  Domestic violence is terrible and it should never be taken lightly but there are ways of handling it in writing that don’t make it feel cheap and cheesy.  That’s almost how it felt here, like it was only put in to make the characters seem more desperate and make their actions easier to swallow.  The parts of the story that took place “at the club” (read: motorcycle hangout) were some of the worst written parts of the entire book.  They were disjointed, they didn’t make any sense, and aside from adding to the many love triangles, there didn’t seem to be any real point to them.

If I could go back and un-read this book, I totally would.  It was that bad.  I’m almost offended that I read it.  NO ONE should read this book…unless you’re using it as a guide on how not to let men treat you or what not to do with your lives.  Otherwise, pass over it.  I’m sure there are some really great motorcycle club romances out there in the world.  Unfortunately, I wont be reading any of them.


PS–I’m back, again.  So much happened last year and I ended up pretty much not reading anything for months and months.  Instead, I bought a house!  (Yay!)  But I spent the last few weeks of the year reading and I’ve got great books to share.


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  1. Nikki R. says:

    I somehow missed this post when you wrote it. It only just showed up on my feed. This review is hilarious! Sorry you had to slog through a terrible book, but this review cheered me up tonight so I think you took one for the team, lol!

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