For the 5th Book of Christmas: Deception of the Emerald Ring

For the fifth day of Bookmas, I read:

The Deception of the Emerald Ring by Lauren Willig


Decpetion of the Emerald Ring is book three in the Pink Carnation series by Lauren Willig.  In this book we learn the story of Geoffrey, Lord Pinchingdale and his wife Letty.  There’s was a fun story!  Also, Eloise and Colin finally have a real flirt moment!  So things are moving (at a snails pace but still) for them!

Poor Eloise.  She can’t be left in peace by her family, oh no.  Her kind but meddling grandmother has to arrange a date for her.  Sort of.  Turns out, Eloise’s grandmother has a friend whose son is also in England not too far from London.  So Granny gives her friend’s son Eloise’s phone number.  Because we all know that a single woman in a foreign country must be in want of a man (see what I did there?!  lol 😉 )  Truthfully I don’t even remember the name of this guy Eloise goes out with.  What I do remember is that Colin, having recently returned to England, coincidentally goes to the same restaurant Eloise is at and ACTUALLY STOPS BY TO TALK TO HER DURING HER DATE.  And you can totally feel the chemistry between them as they’re talking about the Pink Carnation and Eloise’s discoveries.  There may be hope for them yet.  And THEN, they actually make plans to go on a date THEMSELVES!  Yahoo!!!

On the historical side, we are reintroduced to Geoffrey, another friend of Richard and Miles who also works for the Home Office and is in cahoots with the Pink Carnation.  Geoffrey is desperately in love with Mary Alsworthy but she is poor and not really the same quality as Geoffrey so the two plan to elope instead of having a lavish wedding.  But a simple elopement would be boring, of course.  No, Mary’s sister Letty is essentially kidnapped by the coach driver waiting to pick up Mary and taken to meet Geoffrey who, in the dark, cannot tell the difference between the two women.  Thus, society thinks that Letty has been compromised by Geoffrey even though nothing happens between them, and the two are forced to marry.  Shortly after their wedding, Geoffrey leaves London for Scotland without so much as a word to Letty.  Well Letty is having none of that and travels to Scotland herself to collect her wayward husband.  Visiting this story are Henrietta and Miles and there are some fun explosions and lots of intrigue.

I had a hard time connecting with this book when I first started it.  It wasn’t exactly what I was in the mood to read and I started out not really caring for Letty.  She just complained and bemoaned her circumstances SO.MUCH.  Coming after Henrietta and Miles, I didn’t care so much for Letty and Geoffrey.  There’s not as much chemistry between them as I was expecting and hoping for.  But the book ends better than it started and I am still sticking with the story but it hasn’t been my favorite of the series.



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