For the 3rd Book of Christmas: The Healthy Gluten Free Life

So, I promised that I would do a stand-alone book and I am.  It just also happens to be a cookbook.  But it’s one of my all time favorite cookbooks and one of the best allergy friendly ones I’ve read.  I’m borrowing this review from my oooooold, discontinued blog because it’s just such a great book.  I think I may even reread it this weekend.  And then I’ll watch Julie and Julia and my life will be perfect  🙂

Have you ever seen the movie Julie and Julia?  Amy Adams stars as Julie Powell, a New Yorker dissatisfied with her job who loves to cook and decides she’ll cook her way through Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child.  In one year.

Without fail, watching this movie always makes me want to bake.  And cook.  And just be a better person in general.  Julia Child is my cooking hero.  I used to watch her show, in syndication of course, as a child and I’ve always just adored her.  I actually have her picture hanging in my kitchen and I have a magnet on my fridge that says “What Would Julia Do”.  Love her to pieces.

I found this picture on the Steamy Kitchen blog.  Isn’t it just adorable??


Reading The Healthy Gluten Free Life by Tammy Credicott gives me that same warm, let’s-bake-something-together feeling.  I discovered this book awhile back at my local Barnes and Noble.  And I bought it because her picture of short ribs made my mouth water.  Quite literally I might add.  It was only after I bought it and began reading it that I realized that it’s not just gluten free.  It’s dairy free.  And soy free.

Tammy Credicott and her husband the Celiac Maniac ran a very successful gluten free business.  First her husband was diagnosed with Celiac disease.  Then her daughters started having health problems.  So they changed their diets completely and became both gluten and dairy free.  After bringing “safe” food to her daughter’s school program, Tammy was asked to bake more safe foods and people started buying.  Her line even got picked up by some Whole Foods locations (although not the one near my house…)!  There is credibility to what she has to say.  She has done her homework and now passes on that information in a way that is easy to understand.

I have devoured this cookbook and cannot wait to finish up what baking supplies I have now so that I can buy new and try out some of her recipes.  But I am most excited about adopting her way of life.  It’s so easy to give in to temptation and pick up something really unhealthy on the way home after work.  But Tammy is all about make ahead and freeze and she tells you how to do it.  I tried that myself, after adapting recipes to fit our needs, and the results were pretty spectacularly bad.  Gross bad.  So I am very eager to try some recipes that are specifically designed to meet our dietary needs AND designed to be frozen.  Huzzah!  There’s something so real and genuine about Tammy, too.  She’s very open and honest in her book and quite hilarious.  I kind of wish she was my friend, someone I could talk to when the craving for something amazing and dairy-laden strikes me.  I think she’d be able to help me resist the urge.

I think this is an amazing book not just for people who have allergies to gluten or dairy but also anyone who is interested in making a healthier lifestyle for themselves or their families.



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