Blogging Every Day…Not sure it’s for me

I think it’s fairly obvious that blogging every single day is not for me.  I’ve done a rather piss poor job of it.  The shameful thing is, I keep forgetting to do it!  I think if I didn’t work full time I would do a much better job at it but by the time I get home and make dinner and and and it’s time for bed and I haven’t said a word.

I’ve done lots of reading since our last little chat last week.  I finished at least one book, maybe two, and can’t wait to share it with you.  I also started doing crafty things!  I find that the fall/winter inspires me like no other time and I have been known to craft late into the night during these time periods.  I made the cutest little Christmas trees out of discarded paperback books.  I know, I know.  I should be horrified at deconstructing a book.  But really, I’m giving it new life!  I’ll post pics soon.

What I most definitely want to do is share my current favorite things, as of right this minute.  These are always fun for me to read about other people so I’m going to share myself!

1.) Folgers breakfast blend coffee with french vanilla creamer and sugar.  So perfect for waking up in the morning.

2.) My Hello Kitty Halloween coffee cup!  I got it half off at Barnes and Noble and I love it!

photo (1)

3.) New eye shadow!  A friend of mine sent me the coolest, most nerdy eye shadow link ever and of course, I bought some.  I got the sample pack though so that I can share with Sibling and decide which ones I want to buy full sizes of.  Why’s it nerdy, you ask?  Oh, only because each color is named after something from Sherlock.  Like nicotine patch and psychosomatic limp and brainy is the new sexy.  Check them all out here.

4.) My new short haircut.  Sibling has a friend who is a hairstylist and did an AH-MAZING job on Sibling’s hair.  So I went to see her.  And I’ve never been more pleased with a haircut than I am with this one.  It’s better than I could have ever expected.

2013-11-14 12.22.13

Short hair and scarf!

5.) Scarves.  It’s finally gotten cold here in this great land of Alabama and I am having more fun than I can stand wearing all my pretty scarves.  I collect them throughout the year and wear the crap out of them in the winter.  Yay!

6.) Music.  I have three new favorite songs!

And just to be silly, because I’m totally obsessed with Librarian Wardrobe, here’s what I wore to work today.

2013-11-14 12.24.24

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this blazer! It’s so cute and comfy.

2013-11-14 12.26.14

Here’s my whole outfit for today. Cute but comfy




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Hello! Welcome to Will Run For Disney! I'm Krysten and I'm so glad you're here. I'm a crafty-librarian-Sherlockian-wannabe fanshionista-nerd-girl. Also I love coffee and cats and all things Disney. I blog about my adventures as a first time runner, losing weight and gaining the life I've always wanted.
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4 Responses to Blogging Every Day…Not sure it’s for me

  1. careyriggs says:

    That eye shadow makes me wish I could pull off eye shadow.

  2. Nikki R. says:

    Also love the new haircut!

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