Monday, Monday, Not So Fun Day

I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in saying that Monday is my least favorite day of the week.  There’s always that sense of dread at having to go back to school or work.  And undoubtedly, the more I dread Monday, the worse it ends up being.  Today is not exception to that rule.  Nothing horrible happened (thankfully) but I had a great weekend and didn’t want it to end.  Mondays also bring more doctoral work for Hubby which limits our time together.  That.Sucks.  So I decided that today I’d focus on the little things that made today not suck so much.

  • I walked more than 2 miles AND then went to my 45 minute Cardio Kickfit Kickboxing class.
  • I had the most perfect cup of coffee this morning and then the most perfect cup of tea with my dinner.
  • I remembered to buy detangler at the store yesterday so now my hair is nice and detangled and soft and, you know, styleable.
  • I wore pretty blue eye shadow and got lots of compliments on it
  • I found an amazing cover of a song I already really liked.  The original version (Barely Breathing by Duncan Sheik)–   and the Glee cover–
  • My usually anti-snuggle cat is currently curled up in my lap.  As an added bonus, she’s purring 🙂
  • BBC One shared the first official image from Sherlock season 3!!  Which will be airing in America in 75 days…not that I’m counting…
  • And I’m going to play on Pinterest for exactly 30 minutes until bed.

XOXO and let’s hope tomorrow is great! 🙂


About willrun4disney

Hello! Welcome to Will Run For Disney! I'm Krysten and I'm so glad you're here. I'm a crafty-librarian-Sherlockian-wannabe fanshionista-nerd-girl. Also I love coffee and cats and all things Disney. I blog about my adventures as a first time runner, losing weight and gaining the life I've always wanted.
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