Romance Writers of America Librarian’s Day

So, I promised I’d write about RWA 2013 pretty much since I’ve been back from it.  But time has just gotten away from me.  You know, because I’ve been reading.  And playing Lego Lord of the Rings on my PS3.  And anticipating the re-release of Kingdom Hearts as Kingdom Hearts 1.5!

Romance Writers of America, aka RWA, was one of the most fun and exciting things I’ve gotten to do for work.  The Library sent me and two of my coworkers to Atlanta for two days to attend the RWA 2013 Librarian’s Day conference.  We attended several panels on everything from Young Adult/New Adult/Adult to the different kinds of inspirational romances and even one of the “hotness” scale within the romance genre.

The luncheon speakers was Jill Shalvis.  Now I’ll confess, I’d never read her before and still haven’t (although I have several signed books by her and they’re on my list…I just haven’t gotten to them yet).  She was amazing.  So funny and so honest.  She was someone I would totally want to hear speak again and she was so nice during her signing.

After lunch, the Goodie Room opened.  And when I say goodie room, I mean GOODIE ROOM!  There was so much free swag it’s unbelievable.  I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to find a place for all the stuff.  And it wasn’t just free books (although there were a good number of those) but stuff like drink cozies and pencils and pretty much anything you can advertise your book on.  I have an entire huge tote bag full of the stuff I got just from this one room at the conference.

The highlight of the day, and the most exciting part, was the Literacy Book Signing.  Within a huge, ginormous ballroom was some of the biggest names in romance writing in America.  You could pick up copies of their books, get them signed and swoon with joy at getting to meet some of your favorite romance heroes.  The thing I didn’t like about this was that you pay for the books at the end, after you’ve picked them.  Each author had books at their table and you’d get the books and get them signed and believe me, it was amazing how much I ended up spending because I didn’t realize how many books I was carrying around with me.

The highlights of the conference, for me, was the YA/NA/Adult panel and the Literacy books signing.  If you ever get the chance to hear Eileen Dreyer speak, do it.  DO IT!  She was funny and extremely interesting to listen to.  At the signing, I got to speak with (albeit briefly) Sylvia Day, Eloisa James, Mary Kay Andrews, Wendy Wax, Eileen Dreyer and others.  I’m so bummed that next year’s conference is in Houston…that’s a wee bit too far away for me.  But the NEXT time its in the area, expect to see me there!


PS–to make things easier, some of my book reviews from Goodreads will feed here in addition to the extremely scarce Weekend Goodread.  If you want more of my thoughts on books, friend me!


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