Weekend Good Read: Losing It by Cora Carmack

Welcome to the Weekend Goodreads!  Each week(ish) I will post about a book I’ve read recently.  Don’t worry, there wont be too much plot involved, mostly just my thoughts and reactions to the work.

Losing It by Cora Carmack


So, about two weeks ago, I was super lucky and got to attend the Romance Writers of America Librarian’s Day during the 2013 Conference.  One of the panels during the conference was on the difference between “New Adult” and “Young Adult”.  Which is a really good question because it was about as clear as mud to me.  I had been interested in reading Losing It by Cora Carmack for awhile but since she was on the panel I went ahead and got her book.  I was half way through it when I got to meet her during the Literacy Author Signing.  

Bliss Edwards is 22.  She’s starting her last semester of college in just a few days.  And she’s determined that by the time she graduates, she wont be a virgin anymore.  You know, because she’s the only one of her friends that is still a virgin.  She gets talked into going to the local bar one night.  And that’s where she meets him.  Garrick.  He’s hot, funny, BRITISH and reading Shakespeare.  In a bar.  By the hardest, they make it back to Bliss’ apartment and before she can “do the deed” she has a complete come-apart.  Ranting about having to pick up her cat from the 24-hour vets office, Bliss leaves a naked Garrick in her bed.  In HER apartment.  She’s totally mortified but consoles herself with the thought that she’ll never have to see him again.


Because, of course, Garrick is her new theatre professor.  He’s here to teach her and her fellow actors what it’s like in the real world of acting, outside of school.  You could literally cut the tension with a knife.  The sexual tension, that is.  Sparks fly between Bliss and Garrick throughout the entire semester.  When Bliss wins the lead role in the school play, she is forced to spend time with Garrick and though they try to work things out and have a normal relationship, they find it difficult to do so.  But when Bliss gets mono and Garrick takes it upon himself to care for her, things start to turn around for them.  Of course, as soon as Bliss starts to get better, Garrick gets sick and she then cares for him.  It’s during this week that they have a real breakthrough in their relationship.  They end the semester with a bang, literally.  Not only is Bliss the star of the school play, she and Garrick finally have sex and Bliss discovers that it was totally worth waiting for.

In all honesty, I’m not sure that I can do this book justice.  I loved it that much.  It’s one of the best new adult books out there.  The writing is clean and thoughtful.  The characters are facing real adult issues like graduation from college and having to find a real job as well as the fear of their first physical relationship.  At times it was laugh out loud hilarious.  And other times, I swear my face got hot from embarrassment on Bliss’ behalf.  I want to be best friends not just with Bliss and Garrick but also with Cora Carmack.  She was the nicest person and I’m so glad I got to meet her.  I even picked up a copy of Faking It, her second novel.  If you find yourself a fan of Bliss and Garrick (and trust me, you totally will), then there is a sequel novella coming out August 13!  Keeping Her picks up at the end of Losing It.  I so cannot wait!

Tune in next week as I recap ALL of the fun to be had at RWA 2013!



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