Friday Good Read: Hostile Makeover

Welcome to the Friday Goodreads!  Each week(ish) I will post about a book I’ve read recently.  Don’t worry, there wont be too much plot involved, mostly just my thoughts and reactions to the work.
Hostile Makeover written by Wendy Wax

I’m baaaaaaaaack!!!!  I am so very sorry for the long hiatus.  I never intended to be gone quite so long but you know how it is, life gets in the way and what not.  Anyway’s, I’m back now and reading again and I’ve just finished a great book I can’t wait to share!

After my Downton Abbey Season 1 program in March, I found out that Atlanta-based author Wendy Wax was interested in coming back to the library (remember, she was here in February for Southern Voices) to promote her new book While We Were Watching Downton Abbey.    So now, we’re having a THREE DAY Downton Abbey extravaganza in August complete with visit from Ms. Wax as well as a screening of Season 2.  In anticipation of her visit, I’ve decided to read as many of her books as possible.  I started with Hostile Makeover only because it was the ebook not already checked out.

In Hostile Makeover we meet Shelley Schwartz, youngest daughter and most spoiled employee at Schwartz and Associates, a high-powered marketing firm in Atlanta.  Shelley knew from the get-go that she would always have a place at her father’s company so she never really took her job their too seriously.  She had Ross Morgan to do that.  Ross was the ying to her yang.  For all Shelley’s frivolity, Ross was sensible and thoughtful and they continuously butt heads.  The story opens on what should have been one of the most important professional days of Shelley’s life.  She had spent months preparing for a pitch, only to be late and lose her chance all because it was her boyfriend’s birthday and he wanted sex for dessert with his lunch.  Shelley is devastated that her father wont allow her lead on the campaign when she wants it so badly.  Shelley is even more devastated when her father has a heart attack and decides that he’s going to retire and leave the firm to Ross.  Ross agrees to keep Shelley on while trying to get her to quit.  He gives her absolutely the worst of the worst of the clients the firm represents.  Never one to let Ross one-up her, Shelley tackles the task at hand and discovers that she actually enjoys the work.  Shelley enlists the help of her older “perfect” sister Judy.  While Shelley is growing into an adult (at the age of 33), Judy is trying to regain some sense of purpose within her life.  To make matters more interesting, Shelley’s mother is continuously trying to match her up with any single Jewish man who comes within the city limits of Atlanta.  And because her mother approves of them, Shelley finds fault in every single man her mother throws her way.  Can Shelley regain some footing within her life and become a successful marketing agent?  Will Judy work out her problems?  Find out in The Hostile Makeover by Wendy Wax.

In all seriousness, I loved this book.  I found the characters to be enjoyable, real people facing real decisions.  I liked the writing style and how the book changes focus from Shelley to Judy and back; that gave it a real sense of who was talking and whose problems you were facing.  It’s chicklit at it’s best.  There’s love but not in an over-the-top, trashy way and strong female characters who come into their own.  I give this 4 stars out of 5.

As I make my way through Wendy’s other books, I’ll add my reviews so be looking!



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